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Chris Squire is Gone [29 Jun 2015|10:30am]
I thought Jon Anderson would be the first member of Yes to pass, but I was wrong, that went to Chris Squire and I found out he had been actually sicker than Jon (leukemia, Chris, not Jon)! Damn!
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Rick Wakeman Had 3 Heart Attacks in his Twenties?! [31 Dec 2009|11:32am]
[ mood | worried ]

I read in Wikipedia Rick Wakeman had three heart attacks in his twenties!
I wonder if that had anything to do with his drinking!

I hope he's ok now!

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Do Any Of You Have the Album "Simply Christmas" [17 Dec 2009|11:42am]
[ mood | curious ]

Do any of you have the JA solo album "Simply Christmas"?

I heard only a couple of songs from it on YouTube.



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Can Jon Cook, Given Veggie Past? [11 Dec 2009|10:11am]
[ mood | curious ]

I'm working on a holiday fan fiction comedy about Jon and Chris. Do you have any idea if Jon can cook given Jon's veggie past or he can't as they say even boil water?

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Have Jon and Yes Ever Resolved that Tour Conflict? [10 Dec 2009|10:34am]
Have Jon and the band ever resolved that tour mess from last year? The one that started as a result of Jon being replaced with a singer of a Yes tribute band when Jon suffered a severe respiratory attack.
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Yes fandom help [28 Jan 2008|11:56am]

Hello, I run Fan History, a fandom wiki dedicated to writing and preserving the history of fandom. There is an article about the Yes fandom that could use some help from people inside the fandom. :) While it is easy to get things like when communities were started and when canon was released, it is much harder to put that information into context, find out about fandom fighting, who the big name fans are and what people are doing at conventions and on the more remote parts of the Internet. Any help in editing the article would be much appreciated. :) If you don't feel comfortable editing the Yes article, please pass the link along to anyone you think might be able to. :) The more people who contribute to the article, the more accurate and useful it will be.
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Yes Tatoos - Lease post pics of yours [23 Jul 2007|10:48pm]

I want to get a Yes themed Tatoo and would like some examples to show an artist.

Currently considering the following:
Fragile flying ship
Olias of Sunhillow icon
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Going for the One [22 Jun 2007|04:49pm]

Hello, I have a question about "Going for the One" releases. I bought an CD Atlantic 19106-2 (7567-81510-2) edition of CD at Amazon for $5.77 with shipping (and the disc was in excellent condition) so I shouldn't complain :) But anyway I am having two problems with it:

1) What release is that? I googled around and found that this CD was released in 1989 and is not even remastered! There is no information about this release's origin anywhere in the booklet or on the disc. Next, I discovered that when most people talk about the "older" release of "Going for the One", they mean CD Atlantic 7567-82670-2 (1994) - digitally remastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound. Hardly anyone ever mentions my CD Atlantic 19106-2 (7567-81510-2). Is it so rare?

2) The sound quality on this CD is truly horrible. Anderson's voice is so muffled and doesn't stand out. At times it gets so loud though that it blots out the rest of the sound, and this is not good at all! At least I am sure it shouldn't be this way. That's why I want to purchase another edition of "Going for the One". I heard that the 1994 remastered edition, the one I referred to in the previous paragraph doesn't also sound very well but I hope it's still much better than this 1989 monstrous piece of sound ugliness. Can anybody comment on the sound quality of the new CD Elektra 73793 (2003 remaster) edition? I suspect it's the best sounding "Going for the One" CD you can buy.
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[30 Dec 2006|09:27pm]

Who would like to take over this community? First asker = First getter... I'm more of a genesis man these days y'see.
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Touching Yes Ballads [27 Nov 2006|01:05am]

Yes I am being pathetic. Yes I love to lament. My favorite lamentation song now is "Yesterday and Today". It helps me pine over the loss of a short lived relationship. The composition is chillingly bittersweet and beautiful in simplicity. It's very straight forward for a Yes song.

It's close second place for me would have to be "Turn of the Century".

What Yes music incites your sentimentalities?

Yesterday And Today LyricsRead more...Collapse )
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Anderson Wakeman [13 Oct 2006|03:28pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

It was my first time to Northampton with one stop at the services on the 70 mile journey when I noticed that my door wasn't actually properly closed :o
After parking it was time to try and find the venue. I turned one corner and hurrah there was the Derngate Auditorium.
I don't know what it looked like before but has recently undergone a makeover and the venue both inside and out looks brilliant. The outer part of the venue is open and friendly, there was even a lady at the door welcoming us in which was a pleasant touch.
The inside of the venue was originally based around the Klingon hall of justice(?) (Star Trek 6) especially its vertical levels, and then given a clean makeover by the Federation. Best of all though is that the seats are not on a slope but on individual steps thus giving good views to all (unless any freakishly tall people turn up).

I've seen Rick Wakeman many times before with his own band and Jon Anderson solo last year. This time they have joined forces for this 18 gig UK tour. I should really be seeing them at a closer venue in two weeks, but coincidentally on that night I will be seeing another Yes member in his old reformed band.

The stage set was very simple. On either side of the stage were long vertical banners with artistic interpretations of their names. In the centre was a grand piano facing away diagonally from the audience. This is of course where Rick started the night. It began when the intro music (which is actually about 30 minutes of ambient noises with bird song) ended with some piano notes that then juxtaposed into Rick beginning the first song. To the right of the stage stood Jon who with his acoustic guitar joined the movement then added his own distinctive voice to the mix.
The gigCollapse )

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Hello from a Newcomer [08 Oct 2006|07:23am]
Hi all...I just joined this group, and thought I'd introduce myself...I'm male, 35, married..my wife and I live in TN...I've been a Yes fan since I was about 15 or so. I have, unfortunately, never seen them live. My favorite Yes album is Tales from Topographic Oceans...also, I'm looking for anyone who'd be willing to help me start a collection of Yes live shows. I've got plenty of live Grateful Dead to trade (if you're interested) and would also be willing to send blank discs. Anyways, glad to be among other Yesfans!--Clay
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Squire with Ric [09 Aug 2006|09:28pm]

Found this image while poking around on Rickenbacker's website:

This is a 4001CS/LE. The finish colour (called 'Cream Colorglo') is unique to this signature edition, and 1000 were made. (I'm guessing this one is a very low number.)

geeky notesCollapse )
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Yes-Drama LP [02 Jul 2006|12:07am]

I know this is a point of contention for a lot Yes fans, probably even more so then 90125. Because at least that had Jon Anderson on it. But as an album of music, "Drama" is damn good. Jon Anderson or No Jon Anderson. The album shows how important Steve Howe and Chris Squier's backing vocals were to overall vocal sound of Yes. Trevor Horn did a good job on the album vocally and was well recieved by fans in the US during the tour, but not by the UK fans. If Trevor did anything wrong it was not having the vocal range of Jon Anderson, but then again, who does? Still that album and tour was my live first experience of Yes. With or Without Jon Anderson I enjoyed myself immensely at that show. But that is a testament to the superb musicianship of that band. What do you think of Drama?

Question I am also asking if anyone has any CD-Rs for trade only artwork included. I have Yes live at New Haven 1971 40 minutes, opened for Grand Funk Railroad. Excellent sound features Tony Kaye on Keyboards. Mostly material from the Yes Album. The second one is a 3 CD set called Perpetual Change:1971 featuring 2 shows Feb 27,1971 at The Roundhouse Dagenham with Tony Kaye Disc 2 and 3 feature Rick Wakeman in one of his first live appearances with Yes previewing then unreleased material from Fragile Oct 11, 1971 at Civic Hall in Wolverhampton.

I will gladly accept any Yes Live Stuff. but what I am looking for are 2 radio broadcast 1976, WYSP-FM Philadelphia show and the 1980 MSG show with Trevor Horn that was Broadcast live on WNEW-FM in NYC. Comment and email me at jay4000@earthlink.net
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Astral Time Travelers [01 Jul 2006|11:30pm]

I love Yes and these very early videos posted on YouTube just have to be broadcast:

"Astral Traveler"

"Beyond and Before"

I love the fact that Bll Bruford's (drums) shirt says "No". Also why do they do a Zoom in on Tony Kaye's (Organ... no pun intended) crotch?

Many more vids here: (search using squire yes)

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Yes circa 1969 [02 Jun 2006|06:58pm]

Stumbled across this one on youtube. Pretty rare footage of Yes with Peter Banks. Pretty cool find! ...at least I think so :)

Yes - Beyond and Before
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The Ladder [26 May 2006|10:55am]

A young Yes fan here (18 years old), but I have grown up listening to Yes since I was a child.  My dad has been to like 20 concerts over the years.  I have been to 3 myself and I wish I could have saw them in their prime, but they are still great.  I love the texture, uniqueness, and brillance of the music.  Yes is in a world of their own.  I love all the classics and even tho lesser known Yes songs/albums.  They all seem to be amazing, unbelievable works. 

A recent grown likeness though has been to "The Ladder", the 30-year aniversary album of Yes.  I think it really fits classic Yes standards and even kind of ties together all their different sounds over the years while still bring out an exciting new sound.  I have enjoyed listening to the album recently as I found it in a store, shocked I had never seen the album in my dad's collection. :p

I was just curious about others takes on the album.  As well, a talk about the best Yes album/ favorite Yes songs and why would be interesting.  (Excuse me if it has been discussed before)
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I love this album [25 May 2006|11:36pm]

Listening to Yes' Relayer. I am reminded what a beautiful and unsettling piece of work that "Gates of Delirium" is. Anyone who wants to lump Jam Band music with progressive rock will think twice. Beacuse this is music that is textured and with a purpose. I don't Phish could ever make a 20 minute piece as complex as "Gates of Delirium" is. I know it is an underappriciated album and I am just saying how much I love it and I would suggest to any Yes Fans to check it out.

Also does anyone have CD-R's of the Relayer lineup live in concert? I looking for the Philadelphia 1976 concert which was broadcast on WYSP-FM

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イエス - 海洋地形学の物語 [04 May 2006|06:03pm]

[ mood | confused ]

I'm trying hard to figure out how Tales from Topographic Oceans becomes "Story of Oceanic Geomorphology" in Japanese...

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. . . and so it begins . . . [06 Mar 2006|09:25pm]

[ mood | Ohhh YESssss ]

I talked Ann (my wife) out of a small amount of the tax refund - though she also commented that it would be for my birthday which is in a bit less than two weeks. Anyway, Saturday afternoon I spent about an hour in a local record/cd store that I hadn't seen in at least ten years. I got two cds that I already have on vinyl ("Drama" by Yes and "UK" by UK). I also found several Steve Howe cds. Most of them were labeled "Special Import" and had huge price tags on them. I finally found "Natural Timbre" at a good price and bought it. I also got a Little River Band cd as a thank you sort of thing for Ann.

On Sunday, I just happened to need to drive to a church related function about an hour and a half away. I don't have a CD player in the car, but I grabbed the portable dvd player we use to keep the kids occupied on the four-hour drive to my parents and the adapter so I can use the cassette player to get the sound into the car system.

I can't describe how happy I was to listen to all that. I used to listen to them so much (except "Natural Timbre") that I still have nearly every note memorized, but hearing them in your head just isn't the same. What a great day!

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