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Chris Squire is Gone

I thought Jon Anderson would be the first member of Yes to pass, but I was wrong, that went to Chris Squire and I found out he had been actually sicker than Jon (leukemia, Chris, not Jon)! Damn!

Going for the One

Hello, I have a question about "Going for the One" releases. I bought an CD Atlantic 19106-2 (7567-81510-2) edition of CD at Amazon for $5.77 with shipping (and the disc was in excellent condition) so I shouldn't complain :) But anyway I am having two problems with it:

1) What release is that? I googled around and found that this CD was released in 1989 and is not even remastered! There is no information about this release's origin anywhere in the booklet or on the disc. Next, I discovered that when most people talk about the "older" release of "Going for the One", they mean CD Atlantic 7567-82670-2 (1994) - digitally remastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound. Hardly anyone ever mentions my CD Atlantic 19106-2 (7567-81510-2). Is it so rare?

2) The sound quality on this CD is truly horrible. Anderson's voice is so muffled and doesn't stand out. At times it gets so loud though that it blots out the rest of the sound, and this is not good at all! At least I am sure it shouldn't be this way. That's why I want to purchase another edition of "Going for the One". I heard that the 1994 remastered edition, the one I referred to in the previous paragraph doesn't also sound very well but I hope it's still much better than this 1989 monstrous piece of sound ugliness. Can anybody comment on the sound quality of the new CD Elektra 73793 (2003 remaster) edition? I suspect it's the best sounding "Going for the One" CD you can buy.
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Touching Yes Ballads

Yes I am being pathetic. Yes I love to lament. My favorite lamentation song now is "Yesterday and Today". It helps me pine over the loss of a short lived relationship. The composition is chillingly bittersweet and beautiful in simplicity. It's very straight forward for a Yes song.

It's close second place for me would have to be "Turn of the Century".

What Yes music incites your sentimentalities?

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Anderson Wakeman

It was my first time to Northampton with one stop at the services on the 70 mile journey when I noticed that my door wasn't actually properly closed :o
After parking it was time to try and find the venue. I turned one corner and hurrah there was the Derngate Auditorium.
I don't know what it looked like before but has recently undergone a makeover and the venue both inside and out looks brilliant. The outer part of the venue is open and friendly, there was even a lady at the door welcoming us in which was a pleasant touch.
The inside of the venue was originally based around the Klingon hall of justice(?) (Star Trek 6) especially its vertical levels, and then given a clean makeover by the Federation. Best of all though is that the seats are not on a slope but on individual steps thus giving good views to all (unless any freakishly tall people turn up).

I've seen Rick Wakeman many times before with his own band and Jon Anderson solo last year. This time they have joined forces for this 18 gig UK tour. I should really be seeing them at a closer venue in two weeks, but coincidentally on that night I will be seeing another Yes member in his old reformed band.

The stage set was very simple. On either side of the stage were long vertical banners with artistic interpretations of their names. In the centre was a grand piano facing away diagonally from the audience. This is of course where Rick started the night. It began when the intro music (which is actually about 30 minutes of ambient noises with bird song) ended with some piano notes that then juxtaposed into Rick beginning the first song. To the right of the stage stood Jon who with his acoustic guitar joined the movement then added his own distinctive voice to the mix.
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