mr_cubed (mr_cubed) wrote in yesfans,

The Ladder

A young Yes fan here (18 years old), but I have grown up listening to Yes since I was a child.  My dad has been to like 20 concerts over the years.  I have been to 3 myself and I wish I could have saw them in their prime, but they are still great.  I love the texture, uniqueness, and brillance of the music.  Yes is in a world of their own.  I love all the classics and even tho lesser known Yes songs/albums.  They all seem to be amazing, unbelievable works. 

A recent grown likeness though has been to "The Ladder", the 30-year aniversary album of Yes.  I think it really fits classic Yes standards and even kind of ties together all their different sounds over the years while still bring out an exciting new sound.  I have enjoyed listening to the album recently as I found it in a store, shocked I had never seen the album in my dad's collection. :p

I was just curious about others takes on the album.  As well, a talk about the best Yes album/ favorite Yes songs and why would be interesting.  (Excuse me if it has been discussed before)
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