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Yes-Drama LP

I know this is a point of contention for a lot Yes fans, probably even more so then 90125. Because at least that had Jon Anderson on it. But as an album of music, "Drama" is damn good. Jon Anderson or No Jon Anderson. The album shows how important Steve Howe and Chris Squier's backing vocals were to overall vocal sound of Yes. Trevor Horn did a good job on the album vocally and was well recieved by fans in the US during the tour, but not by the UK fans. If Trevor did anything wrong it was not having the vocal range of Jon Anderson, but then again, who does? Still that album and tour was my live first experience of Yes. With or Without Jon Anderson I enjoyed myself immensely at that show. But that is a testament to the superb musicianship of that band. What do you think of Drama?

Question I am also asking if anyone has any CD-Rs for trade only artwork included. I have Yes live at New Haven 1971 40 minutes, opened for Grand Funk Railroad. Excellent sound features Tony Kaye on Keyboards. Mostly material from the Yes Album. The second one is a 3 CD set called Perpetual Change:1971 featuring 2 shows Feb 27,1971 at The Roundhouse Dagenham with Tony Kaye Disc 2 and 3 feature Rick Wakeman in one of his first live appearances with Yes previewing then unreleased material from Fragile Oct 11, 1971 at Civic Hall in Wolverhampton.

I will gladly accept any Yes Live Stuff. but what I am looking for are 2 radio broadcast 1976, WYSP-FM Philadelphia show and the 1980 MSG show with Trevor Horn that was Broadcast live on WNEW-FM in NYC. Comment and email me at jay4000@earthlink.net
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