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Can Jon Cook, Given Veggie Past?

I'm working on a holiday fan fiction comedy about Jon and Chris. Do you have any idea if Jon can cook given Jon's veggie past or he can't as they say even boil water?
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Since it's a fanfic, I wouldn't worry about the accuracy too much in this case - when does it happen in time? If it's modern, I would say he'd have to have some skills just by the amount of time he's spent "just hanging around" - heh. Also veggies tend to have to cook in situations where there is nothing else for them (at barbecues), so just because he's veg wouldn't mean he wouldn't cook. Might mean the opposite.

I wrote Jon and Chris fanfic, but that was a long time ago and it was very bad. However, I'd be really interested to read something new after all these years, so feel free to run it by me when you're done :)
I meant I was wondering if Jon became veg after Yes's success and somebody cooked for the band baecause they were too busy to do it themselves.

This week as I mentioned in a private message to you, I tried to submit it to a slash list and it was too much trouble, the fan fiction is an innocent script with nothing more than kissing under the mistletoe. I also submitted it to the LJ YesFans list--big mistake! I deleted it today!

Where can I submit something like this, maybe I shouldn't call it a "slash" at all.
Heheh....poor you! Argh! Fanfic can a little touchy.... Best to whisk this away elsewhere.